俱乐部 & Activities

我们多样化的俱乐部和活动提供了探索你的激情的机会, develop leadership skills, serve the community, and just have fun. Whether you’re interested in joining the student council, participating in STEM-focused clubs, 或者在我们的各种艺术和音乐节目中释放你的艺术才华, t在这里’s something for everyone. Join us, and let your talents shine!

AHN Academic Challenge Bowl

Academic Challenge Bowl


Academy Courier

学院信使是一年中至少出版两次的学生报纸. Students at all grade levels are welcome to join the staff.

Read the latest issue 在这里.

AHN Black Student Alliance

Black Student Alliance

该组织通过多元化的学术促进学生的成长和发展, and community outreach. 这个组织将为所有学生提供一个庆祝黑人文化的机会, lifestyle, and history.

Chess Club

国际象棋俱乐部让学生有机会在低压力的环境下与同龄人进行一场友好的国际象棋比赛. Students of all skill levels are invited to participate. If a student does not know how to play chess but would like to learn, other members will happily teach the fundamentals of the game.

Communications Club

交流俱乐部为所有年级的学生提供合作的机会, 球场, and produce content for AHN’s various social media platforms. 学生还可以使用AHN的创新实验室和WAHN黑豹视觉工作室, which live-streams morning announcements.

Drama Club at AHN

Drama Club (MS & HS)

戏剧社是一个让所有学生探索戏剧和戏剧制作的各个方面的地方, including, set design and construction, costumes, 道具, 化妆, and promotional tools and tactics. 俱乐部成员也在促进秋季演出和春季音乐剧的制作过程中发挥了不可或缺的作用. 成员亦有机会参与各种戏剧游戏和练习,以鼓励创意和建立团队的凝聚力.

Environmental Club

会员通过赞助相关活动和筹款活动来提高环保意识. 俱乐部负责组织学校的回收项目.

AHN French Club

French Club

French Club meets to share and enjoy French language and culture.

High School Student Council

这个学生会组织由各个年级的代表组成. 成员代表学生团体,并通过民主程序解决问题. 学生通过学习获得宝贵的领导和决策技能
their participation. 学生会赞助和组织各种活动,推广圣名学校精神. 这个高度活跃的组织举办了许多筹款活动来支持它的努力.


Inkwell is the Middle School’s literary and art journal. Participation is open to all Middle School students. The staff produces its publication in the spring.

Interscholastic Sports

校际体育运动促进了体育精神和身体健康的价值观,这些价值观在圣名学校受到高度尊重. 学校组织校际队参加下列运动:高尔夫球, 足球, swimming, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, 网球, softball, cheerleading, and lacrosse. All students are welcome to try out. Holy Names is a member of Colonial Council and Section 11.

AHN Junior Ladies of Charity

Junior Ladies of Charity

Junior Ladies of Charity is the student arm of the Ladies of Charity, a national organization devoted to service to the less fortunate.


A quiz bowl academic competition. Members of the team compete against other local high schools.

Mental Health Awareness Club

成员们致力于提高对心理健康问题的认识和接受度. 俱乐部举办各种活动,为学校社区推广积极的心理健康.

Middle School Student Council

这个学生会组织由各个年级的代表组成. 成员代表学生团体,并通过民主程序解决问题. 学生通过他们的参与获得宝贵的领导和决策技能. 学生会赞助和组织各种活动,推广圣名学校精神. 这个高度活跃的组织举办了许多筹款活动来支持它的努力.

Middle School Yearbook

This is the Middle School’s record of the school year, 并让学生有机会通过设计和照片选择来展示他们的创意.

Mock Trial


Multicultural Club

多元文化俱乐部培养对所有文化中人类多样性的认识和欣赏. 俱乐部赞助的活动旨在教育其他人AG体育平台学校和更广泛的社区中存在的独特文化差异. The club welcomes members from all classes.

Peer Leadership

Peer leaders are trained in relationship building, conflict resolution, peer mediation, and communication skills. They meet regularly to develop skills, discuss issues, and plan activities to support a positive school climate.


简介是高中的年鉴制作的工作人员仅限于成员,高年级. 工作人员主要依靠广告形式的捐款来制作这本书.



Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club is an extension of the local Red Cross. T在这里fore, aside from opportunities for training and leadership development, 社员有能力选择与宣教有关的活动,以满足社区的需要, while delivering the lifesaving services of the Red Cross. 成员们计划和实施可以拯救数百人生命的项目,从献血活动到备灾教育.

Ski Club at AHN

Ski Club

喜欢滑雪或单板滑雪的学生可以参加滑雪俱乐部. Experience is not a requirement; lessons are available for beginners.


Spectrum is the literary/art journal. It is open to all High School students. The staff produces the annual journal in the spring. 它由学生和教师的作品和艺术作品组成.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

SADD(反对破坏性决定的学生)专注于赋予青少年权力,并为他们提供成为健康生活的领导者和榜样所需的工具, 安全, and substance-free lives. 尽管SADD主要关注的是交通安全(饮酒/吸毒/发短信和开车), and seat belt use), 我们也致力于提高对青少年滥用药物等其他问题的认识, depression, suicide, and bullying. SADD还致力于通过各种服务项目回馈社会.

AHN School Musical

The School Musical

学生们在这部音乐剧的制作中发挥了他们的唱歌、跳舞和表演才能. All students are invited to audition. Recent productions have included Wind in the Willows, Meet Me in St. 路易, Anything Goes, Cinderella, The Sound of Music, A Grand Night for Singing, The Melody Lingers On, Oklahoma!, Secret Garden, Once Upon a Mattress, Cats, Oliver!, Godspell, Little Women, Shout!, 泰山, Beauty and the Beast, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, and The Wizard of Oz.

Throne of Games

This club focuses on fostering a love of all things games, from board games to tabletop games, to videogames. 所有技能水平的学生都可以加入王座游戏,学生可以参加所有活动. We focus on having fun,